Monday, January 2, 2012

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I went to Davao, my husband's hometown, for Christmas. While on our way to his village we saw this vandalized wall. We thought it was a beautiful spot to shoot something for my Lookbook and Chictopia addiction. It was a bit embarrassing to pose there because many cars are passing by. People from the public vehicles are looking at us haha. Maybe some of them find us weird because we were shooting at a place where not all people can appreciate. The statement 'TV is poision' caught our attention.

I am really happy that my husband supports me with things I am passionate about. I am also proud of him for taking these awesome photos.=) Enjoy! 

Our Wedding Featured at Manila Bulletin and Bride & Breakfast Blog

I am so happy that Ms. Charisse Tinio from Nice Print Photography chose our wedding to be featured at Manila Bulletin and Bride and Breakfast. She said many people from their Facebook Like Page loved our wedding. Weddings are once in a lifetime experience. For us, we don't regret spending because these are moments you can keep and cherish forever. I am really overwhelmed that there are even people sending me personal messages saying positive things about it and asking who is our photographer, designer etc. 

Here is the link of the feature of Bride and Breakfast:  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wedding Overview and Supplier Reviews

Hope this helps future brides. Enjoy!

I want to be hands on with regards to the design and concept of the whole wedding and since I have a lot of free time I decided to get a coordinator on the day itself only. But I have to give credit to Empire weddings for giving us tips on other suppliers like for the band, video frames, lights and sounds etc. I also want to thank them because the wedding day was so stress free because they took care of everything. It was flawless and that is very important for the bride and groom to enjoy their day. I definitely recommend Empire weddings. They are so organized even if they just recently started their company. They met us a couple of times before the wedding to make sure that everything will run perfectly. Visit their page:

The following are suppliers in my wedding. I decided not to say negative things on some suppliers that didn’t do their job well or just did the average work quality. I will just recommend the best ones.

Raw shot from Paul Vincent Photography

Nice Print Photography

Venue: Blue Leaf Banyan Area

We got the Banyan area, which is good for 300 guests. We only have a few guest but we decided to get Banyan to avoid clutter in suppliers. The place is easy to find and it’s very near Santuario de San Antonio Church. Of course the area itself is already beautiful so you need minimal decorations to make it nice but that depends on how OC you are. I styled our wedding and I didn’t get an event stylist because some are just too ‘taga’ lol sorry for the word. I believe you only need to upgrade on your caterer’s set up to make the place look fancy. And so far I only hear positive comments about the place and the set up. People are commenting on nice print photography’s facebook like page, saying that the wedding is perfect. That it was very elegant and stylish. I am so flattered when I read the comments on their page because they are strangers, so they are not friends who sometimes makes bola to make you feel better hehe..=)

all shots for Bizu part are from Nice Print Photography

Caterer: Bizu Patisserie

I am so happy with Bizu’s service and food. They are a bit pricey than other caterers but I assure future brides that they are worth every penny.(ours was 2,300++ per head but you have a choice so you can adjust it. It will depend on your menu choice) I didn’t even ask my guest how the food was but they just came to me and said that the food, service and set up was excellent. Oliver and I even have our own butler assisting us the whole time so whenever I need a refill or anything at all it’s not hard to call. I upgraded the flowers on each table esp on the VIP table so the flowers are full compared to their usual set up. I also got my macaroon give-away from Bizu. You have to try their macaroons. For me they have one of the best in Manila. I also got my 3-layered cake from them. It was perfect for my chosen theme- vintage glam.

Paul Vincent Photography (raw file)
Paul Vincent Photography (raw file)

Band: Sound Salad
I believe they are too talented for their price haha. My guest, friends, parents and more told me that they are really good. Their music list is so updated and diverse. They can even play 1901 by the band phoenix woah! I asked them to play Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Dave Mathews, 311 songs and more. I am surprised because most bands play only ‘wedding material’ songs if you know what I mean. I also got them to sing for the wedding ceremony at Santuario. They played bitter sweet symphony for my bridal march in violin version. 

Video frame: Frame Up
I believe it’s new in the wedding industry here in Manila. That’s what they told me haha but I haven’t seen it on other weddings so I guess it’s true. I only saw this video frame once in the movie Bridal Wars. It’s a big video frame that flashes photos and video. They charge 5,000 per frame because of the promo but I don’t know how much they charge now. I got two for the cocktail area to flash our prenup pics. Im super happy because my guests told me they enjoyed watching it while having their cocktails before the reception program starts. Plus it added a classy vintage feel to the reception place.

Nice Print Photography

Mobile Bar: Fluid mobile bar
The owner is our friend plus they have a lot of signature cocktail drinks and shots that our family and friends really liked. They have a very presentable bar set up that is perfect for a wedding unlike other mobile bars. If you want your wedding to be complete, please don’t forget the booze. Pinoys love to drink at weddings, birthdays and more so invest on theee alcohol people! Trust me it will be a blast!

Nice Print Photography(one of my fav shots=) )

Photo and video suppliers:
Nice Print Photography:

Honestly it’s so hard to choose from a tent of photographers and videographers because there are so many talented ones in our country. Halos lahat magaling! I learned about Nice Print because of their ads. I also saw them in a bridal expo. I saw their work and I am really impressed. Their pricing is perfect. I got the 75 thousand worth package for only 60 thousand because of their promo in a bridal expo at PICC forum. That includes free out of town prenup photo shoot, printed albums, leather guest book(w/ our printed prenup photos) AVP slideshow of prenup photos, onsite video, event video coverage, on the day photo coverage, thank you cards w/ our photo, one blown up photo and more. Sobraaaang sulit! Plus their photographers are fun to work with. They are super kalog and energetic w/c is good in a wedding. They are all creative and talented.  Our prenup photos are greatly complimented by my family and friends. The onsite video is also for the win.. I’m so glad I didn’t spend 150,000 for an onsite video na minsan yung ibang ganon ka mahal hindi na mismo yung owner yung gumagawa so hindi na ganon ka okay yung quality. I am amazed by the fact that Nice Print is not only practically priced but they give very creative and excellent results. In short I am so happy w/ their shots & video. Click here to see our photos on their site.
**Request for Rupert Ramos(photographer) and Ghe Consolacion(videographer)

one of my favorite shots=) great idea to let me stand on a table

Paul Vincent Photography:
I learned about Paul Vincent on a bride’s blog. I forgot where but I’m glad I was able to read that blog. I checked his website and I was so impressed with his creativity and vision. He has his own sense of style & humor that will make you see things in a different point of view after you see his angles and shots. Two words to describe his work: Makulit and kakaiba. Which is exactly what I am aiming for because that is our ‘couple personality’. Our shots from Paul are fresh, fun & out of the box, in short very creative. I invested on our photos because I love photos. That is why I booked two photographers.

Church suppliers and other suppliers:

Paul Vincent shots=)

Hair and Make Up: Dior Co
The search for the best HMU artist is terrible. I tried 4 make up artist charging around 3,500 to 5 thousand each. It’s so hard to find a make up artist these days. What’s up with that?? Some are good but have extreme attitude problem. I don’t want to mention how disappointing one incident was because it will just ruin this person’s name. I am just glad that I accidentally visited Dior Co’s website and I found her work really impressive so I called her to set a trial mtg. I was so happy and relieved that she is good at what she does plus she is very kind and accommodating. It’s important that your make up artist has a good attitude. Why? It’s because if she’s bitchy your wedding day is at risk. =)) And you wouldn’t want that to happen. I'm happy with my make up because she highlighted my features the right way. Also I am satisfied with my photos. Her make up for me registers well in photographs. I looked fresh even if I slept around 4am because something happened the night before. (The hairstylist is Dior Co’s teammate Aiky)

Paul Vincent Photography
my maid took this photo

Paul Vincent Photgraphy

Bridal car: Don Roberts Cadillac:
I love their vintage cars but the one that stood out the most for me is the Cadillac. I chose this model because it’s very spacious. I have a humungous wedding gown so I need this car lol. The interior is very clean and most of all they were on time and that is very important. You wouldn’t want to be late on your church ceremony, right? =)     

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Suppliers and Nothing But Suppliers: The Story Behind My Wedding Gown and Shoes

my sketch=)

Ever since I am a fan of vintage and classic looks, so I chose vintage glam as a theme for our wedding. Being a fashion enthusiast and slave I was really OC on my wedding gown but hey you have to give me credit haha I still made sure Oliver’s suit will turn out great.

For my gown I sketched a design where Frederick can get inspiration. I also got this peg/photo from a Hollywood red carpet event. I believe it’s Penelope Cruz. The detail on the bodice of her dress is really glamorous. We decided to get inspiration from that part without completely imitating it because I am really against people and designers who do that. I wanted a sexy silhouette so a sweetheart serpentina cut is just perfect for what I want. At first Frederick wanted a beaded long sleeved gown made out of tulle for the top part but I requested to keep it clean so we made it a sweetheart type. I wanted it off white because I want a different wedding gown that can reflect my personality. I don’t settle for the usual/traditional but I don’t want it to be too ‘pasaway or OA’. I want it fashionable and sexy at the same time. I am thankful to Frederick Peralta for making it so fab. He listens to his clients well and he really made me happy. His fabric choice, bead work, quality and fit is really excellent. He lives up to his reign, as one of Philippines well known fashion designer.   

For the shoe I went to Gaupo in Greenbelt 5. I sketched my own wedding shoes because no one is present to help me design. I was forced to design my own shoes on the spot even if I have no experience at all in shoe design. I have to choose the material, height of heels, platform height, jewels, and even the lock. I just wish someone was there to help me because it’s after all a place for customized shoes. But I am still happy because the shoes turned out really nice. If you want to go to Gaupo maybe it’s best if you already have a photo of a shoes or a design ready for reference.

Photo credits: First two photos are from Nice Print Photography then the photos after are from Paul Vincent Photography

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bizu Food Tasting..

I will definitely recommend Bizu as wedding caterer. I was surprised because I thought they are only good with desserts but I was wrong. From cocktails, appetizers and more to dessert they have delicious quality food and ingredients. They would not be more pricey compared to other caterers without a reason. 
For me serving good food is 'one' of the most important part of a wedding. I am focusing more on how my friends and family will enjoy this day. It's not all about the bride and the groom. You should make your guest happy as well. Serving good food will leave them something to cherish about your wedding, that is why I am being meticulous about the food. I have tried food tasting with other caterers but I was really disappointed. I am just really happy because for a moment I was feeling hopeless already in looking for a caterer that will satisfy my taste buds. I am not a culinary expert but we I looove to eat.

Every time a dish is laid on the table I never had a negative comment regarding its presentation and taste. My friends and I will look at each other nodding our heads after tasting each dish. I was also happy that the owner herself was present. She was very accommodating and easy to deal with. 

Anyway to end this up I am going to mention 'some' of the outstanding dishes we have tasted. 
Soup: Creamy Split Pea Soup with Ham Hocks
Salad: Fresh Mandarin Orange and Roasted Almond Salad w/ Crisp Bacon in Creamy Citrus
Main Course: (chicken) Chicken Provencal w/ Stewed Tomatoes and Olives
                       (fish) Seared Cream Dory with Dill Butter Sauce
                       (beef) 10-hr U.S. Roast Beef Belly with Mushroom Sauce

For the dessert obviously, everything is good!!! =) We were all happy with the food. I just hope that the mock up for the table set up in the reception will turn out okay. I will definitely get an extra service from them which is the dessert buffet..It's going to rain chocolate and sweets...I can't wait!